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Welcome to Stop N Go Driving Academy. Our mission is to teach teens and adults defensive driving skills to master and most importantly to save lives on our nation's highways.  Everything that happens on our highway comes back to the driver.  Distractions today are probably our biggest challenge. Technology in and outside of the vehicle pulls our attention away from the task at hand. Driving is probably the most dangerous thing most of us do in our lives. We not only have to concentrate on our decisions but also react properly to the poor decisions made by other drivers.

We are here to teach responsible driving behavior. You are the key to making our roadways safer. Education is just one step in striving to have a safer highway transportation system. Hopefully through education we can change how people react to what happens on our roadways and respond properly. Saving lives is our biggest challenge; no parent should ever get that call telling them that their teen was in a collision. Unfortunately, teens in proportion to the percentage of drivers have the highest collision rate.

As a parent of former teen drivers, I feared and prayed every time they drove away. My passion is teaching teens that driving is a privilege not a right. This privilege comes with responsibility. I pray that we at Stop N Go Driving Academy can educate and teach each student the responsibility and hazards that come with learning to drive.

38-Hour Course Session

The class consist of 30 hours of classroom instruction and eight hours of behind the wheel instruction. The classroom portion is done in four (8) eight hour days from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. The classroom consists of textbook, lecturing, videos, and guest speakers. We use a textbook and the Louisiana drivers guide book.  All questions on the test at Stop "N" Go come from the state issued drivers guide. The written test for the Office of Motor Vehicles is given on the last day of class. Student must pass with minimum 80%.

The eight hours of behind the wheel training are done in four (2) two hour sessions. All students begin in a parking lot for assessment, then progress in a structured lesson plan.

14 HR Course

This class is for adults regardless of age applying for a first time license in the state of Louisiana. The class consist of 6 hours classroom on every second and fourth Saturday mornings. The class begins at 9:00 AM and is dismissed at 3:30 PM. The test for the state of Louisiana is taken at the end of the day; all students must pass with a minimum 80%. An option to retest after driving is possible. The student regardless of age and driving ability must take 8 hours of behind the wheel training, which is scheduled individually.

8-HR Course

The 8-Hr Course is required for every adult in the state of Louisiana applying for a first time license. It consists of (8) eight hours of behind the wheel training.

All adult training is scheduled in four (2) hour sessions. All adult students are picked up and dropped off at our Bluebonnet Blvd location.

Parent Class

We have parents' class once a month. This is an opportunity to visit the classroom and get details of how the process of getting a teen their drivers license. During this class you can register your teen for class and sign all of the documents prior to class registration.

This class will have you informed instead of the teen giving you second hand information. The parents' class is approximately an hour of your time and saves you from incorrect information.

You can also get information on "Sudden Impact" upcoming events for parents put on by State Police.

To get information on this class, email me and I will send you the date. You must preregister for this class.  

Defensive Driving Course

This class is for misdemeanor traffic violations, insurance discounts, and employment requirements.

You will be issued a certificate of completion at the end of class. The certificate will be your responsibility to turn into the appropriate court system. 

This class is offered every second and fourth Saturday.

Road Test - New Stop N Go Student

Stop 'N' Go Driving Academy, Inc. is a third party testing sight for the Office of Motor Vehicles.  Why wait in long lines at the OMV when you can do your road test by appointment only? We offer the road test in our vehicle or yours.

Road Test - Previous Stop N Go Student

Stop 'N' Go Driving Academy, Inc. is a third party testing sight for the Office of Motor Vehicles.  Why wait in long lines at the OMV when you can do your road test by appointment only? We offer the road test in our vehicle or yours.

Private Lesson - 2 Hour

Some students require more than the basic 8 hours behind the wheel training, so we offer additional training in 2 hour time slots. The fee is $100 for each additional 2 hours of training. Our goal is to get students to a level that is safe for both student and parents.

If your would like to register for additional time, this would be the service to request. 


Simply enter your student information, select your services, and schedule your sessions! From there, you can monitor your progress, schedule drive times, and check upcoming sessions all online!