Instructors are certified through the Department of Public Safety after going through extensive training and background checks by the FBI.  It is Stop N Go Driving Academy goal to ensure that all students receive  a excellent training experience.  Our instructors must be certified yearly and attend continuing education to ensure they are trained how to handle any situation that should occur.  

I personally would not put any instructor in the vehicle that I did not trust fully.

Each student has the ability to choose their drive times and instructor, they have the ability to change instructors at any time.

While training the instructor and student will be in close contact and accidental touching while grabbing the steering wheel is not uncommon.  The instructor will tell the student prior to driving that they may brush their hand against the student while attempting to remain in control of the vehicle.

  The students will sometimes overreact in a situation and the instructor will grab the steering wheel, if a situation should arise.  The instructors hand will also be in close proximity to the gear shift because sometime a student will hit the accelerator instead of the brake, this is not uncommon while training.

It is Stop N Go Driving Academy responsibility to ensure the safety of not only the student driver, instructor but also other road way users.

If a student feels uncomfortable with any instructor, they have the option of changing drive times and instructors online.

If any student feels that they have been touched inappropriately they need to contact the office immediately.

If you file a formal complaint with the Department of Public Safety we will abide by the decision of the department after an investigation is complete.

Stop N Go Driving Academy wants to ensure that every student has a productive driving experience.


Simply enter your student information, select your services, and schedule your sessions! From there, you can monitor your progress, schedule drive times, and check upcoming sessions all online!

Driver Education Rules and Regulations

Stop N Go Driving Academy is certified by the Department of Public Safety and follows all state mandated policy and procedures. We have a no refund policy. If we are willing and able to provide the services for which you have paid but you must cancel a class, your deposit can be transferred to another scheduled class.  We have a no show fee set up if we have a student scheduled for class or driving and they fail to cancel within a 24 hour period, excluding Sunday.

Our goal and mission is to teach all students that they have the ability to drive collision free.

Effective May 14, 2018 all teens must get a learners permit prior to starting drivers education.  Tis means ypu will go to OMV with all required documents to get a learners permit with restriction for attending a DE couse.

You will need your birth certificate, social security card, high school enrolment form and one custodial parent with drivers license.

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